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A Few Words About Your Boat’s Inventory

Please take a few minutes to complete the following inventory listing worksheet so that we may prepare an accurate, detailed offering sheet showing your boat in her best light. Keep in mind that you should include as many details as possible by listing the make, model, age of the sails, electronics and other upgrades. It is these details that can make all the difference when a buyer is trying to decide between your boat and a sistership or a similar design. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Racine Riverside Marine broker.

Some Helpful Tips for Selling Your Boat

Thank you for taking the time to complete this listing form in the greatest detail possible. Upon receiving the finished form. we will compile the information into the most through and complete offering sheet available anywhere.

You’re not off the hook yet, though. There are a few things you can do further to help maintain the position first impression a buyer has of your boat.

Organized boats one encounters, then look at your boat and decide what to take to make her the same way. Pay close attention to the topside and deck to be sure they are clean and waxed to a good shine. If there is heavy oxidation, consider using a polishing compound followed by wax. Exterior teak should look clean, not grey and weathered. If it needs refinishing, time will be well spent in doing so.

The same goes for the interior. Everything that is not being used and not being sold with the boat should be removed or at the very least stowed properly and out of the way. A couple of place settings on the table and”props” like silk flowers and magazines/navigation books can work wonders. Your broker can suggest the best areas to tackle.

Presentation ls particularly important if the boat is in storage, when they have a tendency to take on a forgotten, forlorn appearances. Don’t let it happen! Keep her looking as though she’s ready to sail and is only waiting for her new owner to hop aboard.

Except, that is, for sails. Boats stowed for the winter should have the sails removed altogether. Every loft offers winter storage and inexpensive inspections, which will simplify things come closing time by having this largest, most cumbersome pieces of gear safely in one place with a clean bill of health.

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