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Boat Buying Tips

Welcome Boaters

Whether you are a long time boat owner or new to the boating market, our sales staff wants to be sure you are a happy boat owner. We know looking for a boat is no easy task and many things must be taken into consideration. After all, your boat is an investment that you will make in order to enjoy your leisurely time abundantly. In order to ensure the boat you purchase is the right one for you, we have provided you with some fundamental questions you should ask yourself.

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Let us help you on your journey during your search for the boat of your dreams.


A budget is always an important factor in your journey to purchase a boat. Be honest with yourself when you confront this topic. Allow your wants and desires to confront reality in terms of knowing if you can or can not afford the boat of your dreams. Buying a new boat is always a fabulous feeling and a great investment, but there are plenty of used boats out there that are affordable. Perhaps you would like to invest in a boat that is somewhere beyond your financial means at the moment? Consider financing – we offer it and will help you get started. Finding out your budget can go a long way in terms of happiness in the boat buying process.

Accommodations/Boat Make & Model

Many times when a boat owner is unhappy with their purchase it is because they have not taken into consideration what the boat will be used for. Will you be entertaining guests, taking the family out, or just using the boat as your special get away? Answering these questions will help you decide what size, type, and accommodations you will need. Figuring out the type of boat that meets your needs will help you as a boat owner to be happy with your purchase. Racine Riverside offers many make and models of boats for you to choose from.

Location of Use

So now that you have decided what type of budget you are working with, who the boat is primarily for and the type of boat to best suit your style and needs, let’s confront the topic of where the boat will be used. Will you be using it in fresh water or salt water? This is an important factor as you need to ensure you have purchased a boat that will withstand the environment it is in. Determine where the boat will be used and find out where the boat has been used. The boats history can be futile in its performance. In addition, there are standards, regulations and capability needs that you will need to address during your purchase.